Battle On

We honor our warriors, dressed in their parade best they stand out as striking and powerful persons able to take on great feats of bravery. Their valor in battle reveals mental and physical preparation. Movies about their situations in wars and, for the dreamers, alien wars, fill the box office coffers.
But there is another war, the war within each one of us that is a greater battle than any human war can provide. It is the war against the evil heart within. Solomon remarks about the soldier by saying, “Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.” (Proverbs 16:32) As impressive as battle strong warriors are, there is within them and all of us a personal battle that tests our “metal.” There is no “discharge” from its battles. There is no room for timidity or truce, only battle after incessant battle. The skirmishes go on until the body lays silent in the grave.

To be the master of our own heart is a far greater feat than could be accomplished in any war. To control the heart, or the mind, emotions, and will, demands more strength than we have. It requires the strength of God inside. That strength is available in Christ who has become the overcomer. It is only as you apply his strength to your situations that you will break the chains that enslave you and achieve victory over the cruelest of masters. What is it within that defeats you? How can you apply the strength of God to the battle inside your heart today?


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