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Who is it that protects you, guides you, resources you in all your life experiences? For some, it is them self, there is no one else they trust, depend or rely on. But for others they would say, “In the Lord I take refuge.” (Psalm 11:1)
To “take refuge” expresses a willingness to submit to another. It reveals a dependence on someone outside of yourself. It shows that another has built a reputation worthy of counting on. It is a simple statement of faith in another that is stronger, more powerful and able to defend you against an evil world.
Can you say without reservation “In the Lord I take refuge” or is there doubt that He can fulfill that role in your life? Could you possibly ever come to a place where you totally depend on Him to guide and protect your life?These are questions that only you can answer and they are questions that you must answer.
Recognizing God to be your most valuable ally is a decision that will change the deepest part and the edges of your life. What will have to…