Haste Makes Waste

This is an old saying that challenges the hurriedness of life. When have you made a hasty decision or rushed to get something done and then regretted the end result? Was it a time when your emotion overruled you understanding? Solomon said, "It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way." (Proverbs 19:2)

Hurrying to make a decision or rushing to complete a task often results in errors and the need to correct the end result. Ultimately it ends up requiring more time and effort to do the job or undo the decision than it would have had you just taken a bit more time and thought it through or got more knowledge on what you wanted to do.

"Zeal without knowledge" is allowing the emotion of the moment to overtake the life and dominate the will. Our understanding must always be in charge of decision making and any time you feel like what you are doing is hasty or too quick, then it is good to slow your pace and gather more knowledge to make a good decision.

I had a home that had a nine inch step down from the sliding glass door to the back porch. So I build a wood deck on top of that porch to make it a smooth transition from the house to the outside porch. Several times in the process I was tempted to hurry to the end but each time I would slow myself down and ask, "Have I all the understanding I need before I start building?" I was able to unearth several unresolved questions this way so that when I eventually did buy the wood and begin the building, I felt like I knew what I wanted to do and it turned out very good.
What in your life are you being hasty about? It could be a purchase, a decision, a friendship, a job or something else. The proverb ends by saying when you are hasty you can "miss the way." That is not your intent and neither is it good. So, keep yourself from haste and it will save you money, time, and maybe even your soul.


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