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More Protection

If you think that yesterday's Today's Word concerning the protection of David might just have been a one-time experience then note the following. As we previously said, David was tracked by Saul and his men to various wilderness areas. When tipped off by an informant of David's whereabouts and with 3,000 chosen men of Israel, Saul pursued David into the wilderness of Ziph. He rested for the night with his army on the hill of Hachilah.

David is aware of his presence and decides to go to Saul during the night hours who would be camped in the very middle of his men. Now think about 3,000 men laid out for a night's rest and what that distance would be to the center. If every man had a 6' by 6' area that would be a total area of 108,000 square feet. An acre is 43,560 square feet so dividing that into 108,000 would make 2.5 acres of men evenly distributed. So with some space for King Saul let's just make it 3 acres of men sleeping.
David then would have to cover…


Do you feel protected and cared for by God? There is a portion of 1 Samuel 23:14 that pulls back the curtain concerning God's activities in protecting the lives of His children. It says, "Day after day Saul searched for him, but God did not give David into his hands."
Saul was intent on killing David, for himself but also to save his throne for his son. Twice in his presence he had tried to pin David to the wall with a spear. Saul knew that his son Jonathan had become the best friend of David and that Jonathan had given up the desire for the throne of his father because of his great respect for and understanding of the fact that David would be the next king.
Saul had people out everywhere looking for David. He would pursue him whenever there was credible evidence that David was in a certain place. He sought him in Ziph, Maon, Engedi, and the wilderness of Paran (in the Sinai Peninsula) to name just a few places. He focused his energies on his pursuit. Killing David had …

Funeral Truths

Have you attended a funeral? Many of us have and we attended out of honor for the person for who they were, a friend, family member, or work associate. But what happened after the funeral? Life moved on and we forgot them.
David said in a very sorrowful time that his enemies, his neighbors and his friends had all forgotten him. He said, "I am forgotten by them as though I were dead." (Psalm 31:12) If we were to contemplate this idea maybe today our lives would be different. How so, you ask.
We often think now about doing things on the basis of friends and neighbors, even enemies. The "fear" of them causes us to alter our actions and not necessarily do what we really want to do. Their respect or the ability to be "liked" by them adjusts our thinking.
But consider these two facts: one, in a survey of people attending funerals it was found that on average there were just ten people that would cry for the deceased. There were just ten that felt strongly enou…


"A righteous man is cautious in friendship..." (Proverbs 12:26) To invite everyone to be your friend is illogical and may indicate issues within your own heart. Solomon suggests that the choice of a person as a true friend requires some caution. It needs to be a decision that is not hastily made. It requires wisdom and time.
Why is carefully choosing your friends so important? It is important because the opposite, wrong friends, will be a detriment to your mental, emotional and spiritual health and growth. Wrong friends focus on the sensual and they encourage everyone around them to participate with them. Wrong friends also live for now, the moment, unaware or uncaring about what will be the future consequences of their present actions.
We are all familiar with the next issue...wrong friends are people who get you into trouble. Remember that friend who encouraged you to stay out later than you were allowed, or challenged you to steal something from the 7-11 store? That pers…


There is an enduring even eternal quality to poetic verse, whether short or long, that lifts us beyond where we are now to a new and higher plain. Such is the nature of Psalm 23. It has been used by ministers and lay persons alike to calm the soul and reset the heart's focus. Consider these thoughts about the Psalm:
A shepherd and the daily activities of his sheep create the simple picture of God and you walking through life together. The personal nature is noted as "The" Lord is identified as "my" shepherd. It is applicable to old or young, rich or poor, famous or infamous, no one need be excluded. As such the shepherd is the one who provides satisfaction in whatever circumstance might present itself.
The idea of grassy pastures and still waters as the place the shepherd leads the sheep is not the idea of a rosy life with no danger. It is more the idea of being able to rest in the midst of our circumstances. This is further emphasized as more than a physical …

Be Unique

Most of us know what it's like to have a friend, teacher, parent or mentor suggest you do something the way they do it. It seems like a possible solution but it goes against the essence of the uniqueness of each one of us.
David experienced this when he volunteered to fight Goliath. First, he was discouraged because he was young and inexperienced in warfare but David told the story of his killing of a bear and a lion that had come to eat of his flock. Then, King Saul assumed that he would need the armor that every other soldier wore into battle. But after putting on a coat of armor and a bronze helmet and fastening Saul's sword to it, he tried to walk around. He was immediately convinced it was not right for him as he said, "I cannot go in these because I am not used to them." (1 Samuel 17:39)
The rest of the story we know as David defeats Goliath with just a sling and one stone which he was comfortable in using and with which had had previous success. These were th…