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Isaiah was a man who was commissioned of God to speak to the nation of Judah and the city of Jerusalem as their time of independence came to a close. Soon they would be in exile brought on by their disobedience. However, he did not just speak of judgment but also of how powerful and wonderful God was and how there will be a future time when He will reign on earth with His chosen people.
There is a statement that looked forward to this but also suggested something about the present. It came from the mouths of seraphs in Isaiah 6:3 (winged spirit beings) as they circled above the throne of God. They declared, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." This will be the case in the future but let's look at its manifestation in today's world.
The word "glory" is indicated as "the manifestation of his divine attributes and perfections, or the visible effulgence as indicates the possession and presence of these," accordi…

Building Your Fence, Part 2

I said yesterday that "I" was painting the fence but must retract that and say, "we were painting the fence." Debi has been an integral part of this long process and we painted in two different areas and then painted together in the same area. We found that we got more done quicker when we painted together. I'm sure a marriage focused reader can make something out of that.
Anyway, yesterday we talked about the reason for a fence, the design, the purpose and the necessary materials. In other words, we talked about vision and preparation. Now, we have to act and "build that fence." So here are some more steps to complete that pretty boundary:
1. Fifth, you would need to go buy the fence materials and maybe some tools if necessary to accomplish the building process. That might require some friend's help, a loaned truck, more hands, and several trips to the local "depot" for all that stuff.
2. Sixth, you have to start with your design in mind (…

Building Your Fence, Part 1

You probably have been wondering, "Where's that Today's Word guy been?" The answer is that I have been painting my fence. It is an eight foot tall, board on board fence and because it sits between my neighbor and me it has to be painted on both sides. I'm figuring about 300 linear feet of fence. That's the length of a football field. It's a great fence, good to look at and keeps our backyard very private.
My wife recommended that I put on headphones attached to my iPhone and listen to music while I was sweating and burning. Although a good suggestion, I preferred to use my fence time to think about God, me and others. It was like a retreat, although for some that will be hard to believe.
As I painted, I was thinking to myself, "You know we all have "fences" in our lives. We have built them to protect us emotionally and spiritually. We have built them to keep our life more private. There are good and bad things about a fence. A fence is a boun…