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One Distinction

What is it that makes an apple an apple? That may seem like a stupid question but we know that an apple is distinct from a pear, a banana and the rest of the fruits and vegetables. It is distinct in its skin, the tree it grows on, the taste it has and even the seeds at its core.
There are many religions in the world and each one has its beliefs that distinguish it from others. Hinduism has its idea of reincarnation but that is very hard to prove. Islam has its five times a day worship pattern. Throughout the world in nations or ethnicities there are different religions yet one thing is present in them all and that is the necessity to work for your salvation. You are the one who earns your way to whatever eternal state you think you are going.
So, what makes Christianity distinct? Is it the hope of living eternally with God or the living of a pure life? These are there but are not its distinction. The one thing that sets Christianity apart is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the …