Clear Conscience

Abigail, an intelligent and beautiful woman, was the wife of Nabal, a surly and mean Israelite who was full of pride and self-indulgence. David was the leader of 600 men still hiding from Saul as his kingdom is coming to an end. David sent ten young men to request food of Nabal but were insulted and sent away empty handed. Nabal's lack of grace and respect raised David's anger because he and his men had defended Nabal's shepherds and flocks for a whole season.
So, David gathered 400 of his men to avenge himself by killing all the males at Nabal's home. However, Abigail had gotten wind of the wrong actions of her husband and sought to protect him by quickly bringing a large quantity of food to David. She encountered David on his way to her home and paid him honor and sought forgiveness for her husband's attitude and actions. In the midst of her request is this most powerful challenge to David, "Let no wrongdoing be found in you as long as you live." (1Samuel 25:28) Her emphasis that God would take care of the issue calmed David and release him from his intended purpose. Soon after that Nabal died and David was glad that he had not been the cause of his death.
Here is the lesson for us: God is continually at work measuring the deeds of men. For us to seek revenge when wronged is to take that burden upon ourselves rather than release it into the hands of God. Realizing that God knows all about what happened and will deal with it in His own time is an important truth to keep close. What previous action of another against you is still filling your heart? Releasing it to God is necessary to live a life free of wrongdoing. There is no better thing than having a clear conscience.


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