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Rushing Along

Debi and I just returned from seeing relatives in Nashville, TN and Bremen, IN. We started our return at two AM from Bremen, a seventeen hour trip by car back to Rockwall. It was cold, 36 degrees, and overcast as we departed and soon rain began to fall and we experienced it almost all the way home. As I was driving along, I began to think about each car as a human being and the weather as the circumstances each finds themselves in. Whether clear or cloudy, wet or dry, dark or light, cars push forward toward their destinations. Everyone had some place to go and some need of being on the road. Some cars were zooming along, breaking speed limits, dodging in and out of traffic, and splashing water up on other cars as they passed. Some were semis, large and strong, driver's seats high above the rest, and very determined with their experience on the road to get where they need to be on time. There were moments when rain was pouring down and car after car was lining up in the left lane…