Family Responsibility

Our parents can be important influences in our life. There is a responsibility that parents bare before God; those who are godly lead their children into the right path.
Solomon's instruction was for children to obey their parents, specifically the commands of their father and the teachings of their mother. Both were to give godly instruction to their children.
But the child was responsible also. It was not that they were passively engaged in this transfer of knowledge. He said the child was to allow these teachings to "guide you," "watch over you," and to "speak to you." (Proverbs 6:22) Others interpret this triad to be "lead you, keep you, and talk with you" or "guide you by day," "bring solace to you in the night," and "be your friend for your waking moments."
As a parent, what instructions have you imparted to your children? And, as a child, what instructions of your parents have you taken to heart and let guide you, allow you to rest at night and protected you in your life? Remember today what your parents have done for you and be thankful to God for them. Do the same for your children so they can find the right and best path through life.


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