Possibility is a kind of thinking that moves us beyond the norms, the present so called laws and takes us to a new place where we can do much more than we previously thought we could.
In our minds we understand that there are seeming impossibilities and they are there because of our "training." Think of the advancements in any area of science which were "impossible" until someone thought differently than the way they were taught. Think of cell phones, internet, space travel, vaccinations, underwater swimming, submarines, airplanes and multitudes more. They were blind spots before someone challenged the current thinking and we are the ones who have benefited from those challenges.
When we are clear on what we want, and by that I mean we have it laid out before us, our vision drives us forward and we release our mind from holding on to the current thinking. That's when ideas, dreams, activities and inventions become reality.
So, impossible situations are not the problem, rather it is our thinking about impossibility that is the problem. Clarity, which precedes possibility, means examining and dismissing barriers, excuses, previous beliefs, so called absolutes about us and our environment and opening our mind to a future that is based on a vision not yet achieved.
God is the God of the impossible but really what that means is that "with God everything is possible." (Matthew 19:26)  Jesus said, "What is impossible for people is possible for God." (Luke 8:27) We believe this because God in Genesis 1 begins everything, whether it is created out of nothing or made from those created resources. Since He did that, then He can help us see past what we think is impossible. Thus, we can think bigger, broader, and make seemingly impossible things come true in our lives.
What is it that seems impossible for you? Is it related to your job, your family, or your own abilities? With God beside you and with a positive outlook you can do more than you think you can. Think back on your life so far and see already things that you would have said were impossible for you but you ended up doing them. Build on that base, even if it was just one thing, and do more "impossible" things. 


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