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New Series

The Bible is a large book, in fact it is 66 books compiled under one cover. It has many stories about people's lives (great as well as common), turning points in history, much about nature, and interaction between heaven and earth. Men have been studying it for centuries and capturing themes and gaining wisdom from it. Out of their studies emerge several specific and focused areas. There is the study of what the Bible says about itself; the information source. Also, five types of persons are studied in its pages, and an all-encompassing problem as well as its' solution are explained. Some focus is also given to the body of believers we call the church of the New Testament and there is much written about the way the world will end. To understand this "backbone" of information is to be able to better understand the Bible as a whole. It allows us to find proper interpretations more easily and to apply it to our lives more readily. If we truly believe that this is t

Add Jesus

It was a long day as the twelve disciples reported back to Jesus on their mission work. They told him all they had done and Jesus saw that they were weary, so he decided to take them to a quiet place to rest. He did this, according to Mark, because they had been so busy with people that "Jesus and his apostles didn't even have time to eat." (Mark 6:31) But the crowds discerned where they were going by boat and beat them to their destination by walking so that when they landed there stood the people. Jesus' compassion saw them as "sheep without a shepherd" (6:34) and so began to teach them again. Late in the afternoon, the disciples came to him and asked him to "send the crowds away so they can go to nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat." Jesus response was, "You feed them." (6:36-37) Jesus was about to give these hungry disciples another lesson in life. Their immediate response to his challenge was to think convention


What is your prayer life like? I know mine could use some improvement. I often view it as a prayer here and there. Sometimes I spend more time in it if something important is happening. I need more consistency concerning prayer. So I did some reviewing of Luke 11 and it was of great help. Jesus was "in a certain place praying" and one of the disciples, speaking for the group, said, "Lord, teach us to pray…" (Luke 11:1) This was Jesus' response to their request: First, Jesus shared an illustration of a prayer. We call it The Lord's Prayer but it was really The Disciple's Prayer. It dealt with praying to Father God, giving way to His will,  asking for food and forgiveness, and, requesting forgiveness for those who sin against us and praying concerning our own lack of strength when tempted. Second it says in verse 5, "Then, teaching then more about prayer, he used this story." It was of the persistent neighbor who had to go to his neighbor&


This is a word we don't often hear spoken in the positive. We usually use it to describe a bad person who has little or no integrity. The word itself means sound, whole, and complete. It is used to identify the state of a building, bridge, company, family, and speaks of wholeness, quality and strength. Peter Drucker, a well-respected leader in business, said, "People might know too little, perform poorly, lack judgment and ability, and yet not do too much damage. But if they lack in character and integrity…no matter how knowledgeable, how brilliant, how successful…they destroy. They destroy people, the most valuable resource of the enterprise. They destroy spirit. And they destroy performance." Integrity demands a daily dose of honesty about yourself, your actions, and your thoughts. It requires singlemindedness, wholeheartedness. The heart, mind and will all have to be headed in the same direction and that direction has to be immersed in the truth. That is how you i


Where can you see a clear contrast between what a godly person looks like and a wicked person looks like? What store of wisdom can you access to see them compared? It is in the Bible that you can find this powerful comparison. Psalm 37 is one such place. It says the wicked plot against the godly, they snarl at them in defiance, they draw their weapons, wait in ambush and even look for an excuse to kill the godly. (37:12, 14, 32) This seems to be the actions of many in our nation who seek to hinder, frustrate and destroy our new President. On the other hand, the godly are generous givers, offer good counsel, teach right from wrong, internalize God's laws, and never slip from His path. (37:21, 30, 31) They move through life giving, teaching, changing and walking on the high path. The challenge to the godly is seen near the beginning of this chapter. It uses active words to identify what godly persons are doing daily. First it says they "trust in the Lord and do good."


When was the last time you delighted in something? Was it the day you bought that new car? Was it the day you got married? Was it the first day you started a new job?  To delight is to have great pleasure, to be highly pleased. Look at one verse in a powerful psalm concerning good and evil. "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." (37:23) The godly have hearts that are tender to God, so He can speak to them and they obey; He can direct them and they follow. Their path is in the right direction and they willingly walk it, enjoying the blessings of God whether that happens in their riches or their lack. He not only blesses them but "delights in every detail of their life." WOW! God delights in the way a godly person is moving through life. We can see illustrations from the book of Proverbs that help us understand what it means to delight. "A king delights in wise servants." (14:35) And, "..he who has a