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Although we may not use this term often, we do however want to be known by it. It is used of judges and high officials and its synonyms include honest, moral, ethical, principled, and righteous. It attests to a creditable conduct and denotes a reputation that is not tarnished or sullied. The word integrity apply characterizes it. It means you are guided by a keen sense of duty and ethical conduct. In writing the second time to the church at Corinth, the Apostle Paul said, "We are careful to be honorable before the Lord, but we also want everyone else to see that we are honorable." (2 Corinthians 8:21) Paul had sent a difficult first letter to the Corinthian church to deal with their questions and the sinful actions they were allowing in the church, but in his second letter he was more intent on defending his apostleship due to those who were now denigrating it. So, he chose to clarify the steps he was taking to insure that a large offering of money was received by the church at…