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Jericho Experience

The conquest of Jericho is one of the greatest miracles of the Old Testament. (Joshua 6) To think that a city, which was the gateway to the valley of the lower Jordan River and the passes into the western mountains, would be conquered not by siege but by a circling people and fallen walls is stunning. Recent discoveries tell us more about the city's readiness to withhold the Israelite's conquest.  Clay jars were found that still were full of grain, suggesting that they were ready to hold out for a long time. The size of the city was only nine acres, but it gave off the impression with its double wall and strong gates that it was impossible to conquer. However God had a perfect plan for this first promise land battle; a totally different one than any other military would have ever thought of. Its small size allowed the Israelite army to easily walk around once a day, and walk around it seven times on the last day with still enough light left to enter and destroy before darkness. …