Delighted Heart - Heart Series 7

When we say we are "delighted" it means that we are given to great pleasure by something. Some are delighted when they buy a new house or a first house after years of renting. Others are delighted with a good meal; the positive end to a sporting event for their team. Maybe these could be better seen as circumstantial happiness because they are temporal, for the house and team will grow old and lose their delight.
To have a delighted heart means that the mind, emotion and will are unified in their opinion about something. The writer of Psalm 119 said, "Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart's delight." (119:111) So, the laws, commands, caused the writer's heart to be delighted.
They did not weigh him down, discourage him and beat him up; they were seen by him as his "constant guide," gave him "more insight than my teachers," made him "even wiser than my elders," were "sweeter than honey," gave him "understanding," and the reason he hated "every false way of life." (119:111-104)
This perpetual delight was not the result of circumstances but of principles revealed by God that direct his heart, and the heart of every other person who would do the same thing, into a life lived well. This delight produced a strong determination in the psalmist said in several different ways: "I will not stop obeying," "I will not turn from your commandments," and "I am determined to keep your decrees to the very end." (119:109-112) He was adamant about his delight.
The eyes of his heart were opened by God's commandments to the difference between the temporal and the eternal, and to the inner workings of his own, as well as the hearts of others. So, how did he obtain that delight? He made time in his 24 hour day for God's Word. He did as David said, "Trust…delight…commit…be still and wait patiently…" (Psalm 37:3-7)
Commit to reading and meditating on the Word of God as much as possible, even to every day. Calendar your time with God and this delight will happen.
Key Takeaway: A delighted heart is a heart that has found rest in the boundaries of the commandments of God.


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