Whether we use a one-foot ruler or a twenty-five foot tape the measurement is always the same. What would it be like if a one-foot measurement could be different in each use? How could be build a building, design a car, create a plot plan or a survey? It would construction and other businesses a complete mess. Each twelve inches is not unique, they are all the same.
Now that doesn't apply to humanity, however. Each of us has a DNA that is particular to us. No fingerprint or iris of the eye is the same. In addition, God has given us all uniqueness in talents, sometimes called strengths. They are similar yet unique combinations of strengths that help us to be the best we can be. We are given good things by God with the intent that we would be able to contribute to the world uniquely.
But some people start measuring themselves against others that are all unique and it begins trouble for them. They look at their accomplishments, abilities and giftings and feel they are lacking. They see their height, their features, and their weight and evaluate their satisfaction of self by them. Then multiply this by their inside sins, their failures and struggles, and they become unsatisfied in their own skin.
There were those who compared themselves to others under the pastoral care of the Apostle Paul and he wrote to them and said, "We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise." (2 Corinthians 10:12
There will always be those who push themselves forward and measure themselves against the lives of those in their company. This, as Paul says is unwise, because the standard will keep changing and then, so must you. This is building your identity around the outward lives of others, like friends, movie stars, politicians, or leaders. The problem is that we are looking at everyone else's exterior and comparing it to our interior.
This is an unwise comparison, for we know far more about our interior, its sins, failures, missteps, and short-comings than we do about another's interior. So, the comparison of their fa├žade with our interior is futile in that it is not an equal comparison. We cannot know the depths of the heart of another. So, our comparison is not truthful.
Now there is a better way! The Bible shows us the interior of the human heart. It reveals the inward thoughts and intents of individuals. It allows us to compare our interior with the interior of other men and women who have passed before us; people who were kings, queens, prophets, and warriors. This is the only way to compare properly. What we find is people who have feelings, actions and attitudes just like us and we find that God makes us all unique and has a solution for the darkness in every heart.
Isn't it time to put away the posters and praise for other men and women who we only know by their outside and seek to conform ourselves not to another but to the one perfect man, Jesus Christ. That can only be done by a consistent study of the one book that reveals both him and the inside of us.
Are you measuring your abilities, beauty and heart by others or by the true standard that doesn't change, Jesus Christ and the Word of God.
Key Takeaway: Measuring or comparing yourself with others cannot be done equally for we may know ourselves better but know only the exterior of others we use as the measuring stick.


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