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Original Prodigal Son

Most of us have heard or read the story of the prodigal son who was the younger of the two sons of a wealthy man. At a young age he requested his share of the inheritance he was due if his father died. He hadn't died yet when this request was made. He went off, spent it all in wild living and ended up in a pig sty feeding the animals. But he came to himself and in that moment of clarity realized he would be better off living as a servant in his father's house than staying where he was. So, he humbled himself and went back to his father. It was a great reunion and he was restored to sonship rather than servanthood. But he wasn't the first prodigal son. There were several before him but taking it all the way back to the first two sons of Adam and Eve we see Cain as the original prodigal son. Genesis 4 reviews his story. "Cain cultivated the ground"(Gen. 4:2) Abel was a herdsman. They both brought for sacrifice that which was theirs, Cain brought crops, Abel brought …


We are surrounded by change, we have to adjust. We have to flow with it to keep up. Especially as a New Year approaches, we think about good ways to “change,” to resolve to make our lives better. But note what God says about Himself and change. “I the Lord do not change. So you O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed (Malachi 3:6)." God does not shirk from His promises that He has made with Abraham, David, and Israel. He does not back off at all. In so doing, God assures us of His steadfastness, His “un-changeability” and we should be grateful for that. The people of Israel were continuously morphing as a result of evil influences. God established the Ten Commandments for them to follow and as much as they tried, they couldn’t keep all of them. Rather, they always desired wrong change; to have something new in their religion. This took them down dead ends and dark alleys where they defiled themselves. However, God’s unchangeableness allowed them to come back to Him, to trust His…


We are in the last two days of 2018 and in a moment of quiet it is always good to reflect on the year. Here are some thought producing questions for you to answer: What goals did you accomplish in 2018? What are two of the best events you experienced this year? (Think widely not just about concerts.) How did you help the poor and needy in 2018? (A biblical mandate.) What time, talent and treasure did you give to God this year? How have you grown in your faith in 2018? Hopefully these questions will help you reflect on the good things of life and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and forward movement today.