The Battle for Jesus

The battle started after Adam and Eve were ushered out of the Garden of Eden. Their two sons, Cain and Abel, were the first to experience it. Abel certainly was righteous as he brought the right sacrifice for worship but Cain was proud and arrogant bringing for worship the fruit of his labor. When God rejected Cain's sacrifice, rather than repent, Cain murdered his brother. A righteous line was cut off and if Seth hadn't been born to Adam and Eve there would have been no righteous line for Jesus to be born out of.
Down Seth's line came Noah and his family. If not for Noah's righteousness the earth would have had no other to build the boat and save the human race. After the ark rested and the land dried out, all came out and the brother's lineage grew and separated. We learn from Genesis 10 that Japheth, the second son, went west and north, Ham, the youngest went south into today's Africa, and the first son, Shem, went east with his family into Babylonia and today's India.
Shem's lineage is discussed again in Genesis 11:10-32 where the listing flows all the way forward to Terah who has a son named Abram. Abram is given the new name Abraham by God and then tried to fulfill God's promise to him concerning a son. He thought maybe it would be his servant, Eliezer, then maybe Lot (his nephew), or possibly Ishmael the son of Sarah's servant girl Hagar. But God allows Sarah to conceive a son in her old age, Isaac, and he is the promised one.
Isaac through Rebekah births Esau and Jacob but Esau seeks to kill Jacob so he is sent to his uncle Laban where he meets Rachel and works twenty years to obtain Laban's daughters, flocks, herds, and much wealth. Jacob returns to Canaan with sons in tow and four wives, but Rachel dies in the birth of Benjamin. Although the eleventh son, Joseph is treated special by his father that angers and creates jealousy with his brothers. He comes to them at Dothan where they are herding their flocks. They put him in a hole and later sell him to Ishmaelite traders (that name sound familiar) and they sell him later in Egypt.
Joseph then goes through a life of ups and downs until recommended to the Pharaoh to interpret his dream. That leads to Joseph being raised to govern Egypt for Pharaoh and that leads to his brothers coming to buy grain during a foreseen famine. Joseph reveals who he is to them and the whole family comes to live in one of the best areas of Egypt because of Joseph and as they grow be under the protection of the mightiest nation at that time. Judah is one of the sons who come and whose progeny will include David and Solomon.
Saul tries to kill David several times but God continues to make a way toward Jesus who is eventually born, at just the right time, to the virgin Mary with Joseph as his step-father, both of which are in the line of Judah and kingship. Herod tires to kill Jesus at Bethlehem by massacring young children, the Jewish leaders are insulted by his rebuke of them and eventually pay Judas, a disciple of Jesus but traitor, to give Jesus up. Jesus ends up on a Roman cross paying for the sins of the world and three days later is resurrected.
All through the ages Satan has tried to destroy the people of Israel, knowing it was and is God's special nation. Even today that continues as Israel fights for its life every day. Not till Jesus returns will Satan be finally defeated and the nation have their rightful king, Jesus.
If you think that history is interesting, think again. We now can cast an eye over the generations all the way back to Adam and Eve and see God's path forward to Jesus and all that he did for all of us. Praise Him today and thank Him for His persistence to accomplish His plan!


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