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Be Careful!

I'm sure as a parent you said this to your children and I'm sure as a child you  heard this from your parents. It is not a challenge to take lightly. It shows the parents love for their child and concern for the possibility of danger lurking nearby. Sometimes it was accompanied by the statement, "Here take my hand." This request from the parent helped the child be aware and also feel protected. Over nine times in Deuteronomy 11-12 Moses tells the people to be careful and adds additional words like, "be careful to obey every command," said several times and stressing obedience to the laws God had given them, "be careful. Don't let your heart be deceived," suggesting that deception is possible if you are not vigilant, and "be very careful never to neglect the Levites…" making sure that those who worked at the Tabernacle and cared for the all that God had designed for worship were included in the community. Being careful is being wa


What does it take to appropriate something into your life? I mean how can you gather something into your soul and have it stick there for the rest of your life? Moses at the end of his life wrote a remembrance book for the people of Israel. Deuteronomy means second law and emphasized all the principles that God shared throughout the wilderness wanderings essential to remember as the people went into the Promise Land. He said, "Listen carefully, Israel. Hear the decrees and regulations I am giving you today, so you may learn them and obey them!" (Deuteronomy 5:1) Here we find the process of appropriation. First they had to hear. That meant opening their ears to the truths presented. But sometimes we hear but do not hear, if you get what I mean. The sounds go into our ears, they are turned into words, we recognized them as words but we let them fly in one ear and out the other. So, something more than hearing has to take place and it is listening. To listen is to make a