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Praise Daily

How much praise do you give to God each day? What would it look like for you to perpetually be praising the Lord? As the psalmist completes his message about the Word of God, he says, "I will praise you seven times a day," and later, "Let praise flow from my lips" (Psalm 119:164, 171) When you begin to think about the times he has mentioned, it doesn't seem so hard to achieve. Consider you are up at 6am and go to bed at 10pm which would be a 16 hour day giving you 8 hours to sleep. That in itself would make for a more restored life but the psalmist includes praise to God as of upmost importance suggesting it be done seven times a day. What would that look like in your schedule? Think about it at 6am when you wake, then obviously at 8am at breakfast, certainly around mid-morning at 10am, and spending a quiet moment in praise before you eat your lunch. Can you believe it, you are already 4 praise times into the day. So, 3pm rolls around and you take a moment mid-af…